Ready-Key Program
Clients are urged to participate in the Ready-Key program designed to eliminate the time involved in setting up the key exchange.  2 keys are required and are stored in a secured lockbox.  The 2nd key is made available to us in case of an accident in which The Extended Leash is unable to complete any pet sitting visits. A professional pet sitter has access to The Extended Leash keys should they be required to have access to your house if your emergency contact(s) are unable to make a visit. Notification of any other arrangements will always be discussed with client prior to changes.

There is a one-time fee of
$5.00 to be changed for storing the key. If at any time, the client requires the key back, The Extended Leash will return the key(s) at their earliest convenience via certified mail.
NOTE: Dormant clients will have their keys destroyed if they have been unused for more than 2 years. Since the Extended Leash does not mark the keys at any time, there are no identifying markings on them. Keys are cut in half and thrown away. An email will be sent to the client at the beginning of the year after the 2 yr dormant mark. No response will indicate keys will be destroyed.
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The Extended Leash offers pet sitting (or vacation sitting) at a minimum of 2 visits per day for dogs; 1 visit per day for cats. Other types of pets will be discussed during the introductory meeting. All pets are required to be current on their vaccinations (minimum Rabies) at the time of service. The Extended Leash also provides Midday / Dog Walking services that can be up to 5 times a week.

NEW clients please notify The Extended Leash at least 7 - 14 days prior to your departure to ensure there is adequate time to schedule the Introductory Visit. All HOLIDAY clients require minimum of a 14-day notice.  Last minute requests are subject to a Last Minute Fee of $25 added to the invoice.

No charge for introductory meeting & key pick-up

Meeting usually lasts 30 minutes. Ready-Key Program available, please see below.

Regular Pet Sitting Visit: $25 per visit
Used for feeding and changing out water, cleaning litter boxes, pick up waste on dog walks, administer medications, bring in mail, adjust blinds, take out trash, make the home look lived in. About 25 - 30 minutes per visit.

Extended Pet Sitting Visit: $35 per visit
For multiple dogs and/or cats that require more time to get the visit completed. Includes all of the above for the "Regular Pet Sitting Visit", however the visit will be approximately 45 minutes on average which allows for more playtime with the pets.

Midday / Dog Walking: $25 per visit
20 - 30 minute visit includes walk for one or two dogs or playtime in the backyard per customer request. These visits are available between
10am and 3pm Monday - Friday which would be a good break for your cherished pet before you get home from work. Especially helpful for those clients that get home late in the day due to long commutes and those that have dogs that need extra exercise during the day.

Hour Pet Sitting: $40 per visit
Visit includes approximately 50 - 60 minutes of playtime, walking, cleaning up, or whatever needs to be done for your pets. This visit would also be required for any client that has 6 or more pets. Allows pet sitter enough time to get everything done for client and pets!

Overnight Pet Sitting: $100 per night
Visit is for overnight pet sitting that begins between 8-9 PM and ends between 6-8 AM the next morning. Includes a morning let out as well.  If you would also like an additional midday visit, it would be an additional $25/visit (normal 20-30 minute visit). 
**These visits will be offered on a very limited basis, especially around holidays.**

Holiday Surcharge of $10:
Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day
**This is a one-time charge on day of service and is added to your invoice as a separate charge**

Optional Service Charges, including but not limited to:
Food / Supply Run:  $30 + expenses
Large outdoor plant / garden watering:  $10 per request
*All fees are subject to change*