Pet of the Month is Will Ferrel...aka Fireball!!  He wandered onto client's property and is just a kitten full of spit & vinegar!!  He was a little wild when they got him but he's domesticated now and as soon as you touch the little guy, he is a purr machine!!  His meow is SOOOOO soft you don't hear it but he does like and want to talk!!  Found out he loves toilet paper so I had to put that up so they would have some when they arrived back home!  Welcome to the family, Fireball!!
Pam is the best.  Just ask my dogs. They're standing at the front window and whinning for her right now! Pam is very professional - - always on time, on top of things and is very knowledgeable about pet behavior, training, health issues, etc. Most importantly of all, my dogs love her and vice versa. She is great with my twin tornados; always patient, caring and enthusiastic about seeing and working with them.  If you love your furballs as much as I do mine, it can be quite a nerve wracking experience to ahand them over to a new person. My pups were completely smitten with Pam by the time our interview was finished and I haven't had one momemnt of worry about them since. If you need a pet sitter, dog walker or any of the other services she offers, Pam Johnson is the one you want to call.
- - Cassie E.

I recently moved back to Houston and desperately needed a pet sitter for my furry children. I posted on Facebook that I was needing pet sitting services daily and for when I traveled for my 2 dogs and 3 cats and several friends recommended Pam at Extended Leash. She has been coming to my house every week day for almost a year now and all of the animals adore her.  The puppies get their daily walks, they wait by the door around the time Pam comes every day. Pam is very flexible, I have even had delayed plane flights and she has gone out of her way to watch my babies. There is no one else I trust more with my family and my home than Pam at Extended Leash. - - Sarah H.

We have used Pam for over 8 yrs now and she is a true professional. One of the reasons she is so good at her job is, she loves your pets as much as you do!!! When they see her coming, they run to her and ignore me. - - John L.

I have a 10 year old Schnauzer, named Jaxson. As he is getting older, his eating habits are changing and I really need to make sure he eats. We took a family vacation and needed to find someone to take of him while we were all gone. Pam came to the house 3 times a day to feed, walk, and keep him company. She even brought our mail in! I received daily updates and pictures. This made our time apart less stressful. When we all came home, we found a happy Jaxson. He has a second Mommy now. Pam is a life saver! - - Kathie R.

Pam at The Extended Leash helps my pets feel safe in their home environment when I have to go out of town.  They love hanging out with her and getting lots of treats. Gone are the days of boarding my pets at the vet! - - Adrian V.

Pam at The Extended Leash goes way beyond just taking care of my dogs & cat when I’m away. She gives them all special love & attention & makes sure my dogs get a much loved swim in our pool. They all love her & I totally trust her with them!  - - Kathy C.

Our family has been using The Extended Leash for over 10 years now.  Pam took such good care of our first two doggies, Ginger and Tyler, they loved her!  We trust her implicitly with our home and our doggies.  She is very trustworthy, responsive and the most important thing is - animals LOVE her!  Your pets will be in very good hands with her.  Now Pam takes care of our two Basset Hounds now, and they absolutely love her.  When we have to leave our pups for a week we know they will be taken care of well.  In addition to taking care of your pets, she will also bring in your paper, water plants, turn on lights, etc.  If you're looking for someone you can trust some of your most prized possessions with, The Extended Leash is the place for you! - - Coco B.

Three years ago, I found myself in need of a pet sitter.  For 25+ years, I used a dear friend who had a kennel and grooming business, but the last time I boarded my dog I was told my dog would benefit from a home pet sitter. I asked around for references, then relied on my vet who gave me Pam's business card.  Pam's attention to details are amazing.  Pam has loved my furry friends, loved on my friends, laughed with my friends, cared for my friends.  Both Pam and I have lost dear family friends.  Pam has come to my need in hours' notice due to my emergency.  Pam will text often with updates and send pics while I'm away from home.  Pam is actually part of my extended family now; she will always be family. - - Peggy R.

I have known Pam for almost 20 years and have always left my animals in her capable hands.  My cats love her!  They know when “Auntie Pam” shows up, it’s time to play.  - - Lori T.

I have known and worked with Pam Johnson and the Extended Leash for 10 years.  I have nothing, but wonderful things to say about her and the service she provides.  When we leave I know my babies are well cared for, content, and happy.  They love Pam and that makes leaving them just a little easier.  A wonderful bonus is knowing my home is also not standing empty.  If there is a problem Pam lets us know.  It's a Five Star service that our family loves and appreciates. - - Amanda D.

Pam Johnson has been pet-sitting for us for many years.  She has always proven to be extremely reliable and professional and leaves us great comments on what our pets were up to when we are away.   I definitely would recommend Pam for your pet-sitting needs. An added plus, she is a very nice person.  Feel free to contact me if you need additional information. - - Chris R.

Pam takes great care of our four dogs.  She is cognizant to not over-exert them when it's hot & humid outside.  In addition, she can walk all four at once and definitely exudes the "pack leader" mentality.  No dorking around when she's on the job!  It's comforting to know that she looks forward to seeing them and often refers to the foursome as "the pups". - - Phil S.

We LOVE Pam at The Extended Leash! She is truly an animal lover! We have two cats and two dogs she has cared for over the past couple of years. We have used her for pet sitting while we were away as well as for daily visits as needed. The dogs are always excited to see her and enjoy their playtime and walks! Pam takes great care of our pets and I would recommend The Extended Leash to anyone needing pet sitting services. Doug & Carol, Rudy, Winston, Simon & Matilda :) - - Carol M.

My furbabies LOVE Pam with The Extended Leash‼️ Nothing like being able to go out of town and NOT worry about your dogs. Great they can stay in their own home and have someone come care and play with them. Also, bring in mail, turn on lights. Sooooo thankful, highly recommend‼️‼️- - Debbie S.

It has taken me years to find someone we trust and I highly recommend Pam Johnson at The Extended Leash. I really can't say enough good things--I trust her completely and my pets adore her. :) - - Becca T.
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